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Optimization water distribution network


Optimization water distribution network

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The scada project is part of an overall plan to improve the water supply in Mombasa, Kenya. The source of the drinking water in Mombasa is the Kilimanjaro mountain. Due to climatic variations, deforestation, irrigation and local industry, less water from the mountain reaches the city. Besides this the increase of the population provides a larger demand. The drinking water shortage in Mombasa is largely the result of long and vulnerable supply lines and the lack of storage capacity close to the city.

Logging data in the drinking water network gives a lot of information. With this information leaks and taps can be traced in the distribution network. With this information the water company can take measurements to achieve a lower NRW (Non Revenue Water). NRW is the amount of water that is purchased but does not reach the end user. The lack of a solid infrastructure and process optimization causes often a high NRW in many third world countries.

To improve the water supply, the scada project takes care of monitoring and controlling functions in the water distribution network. The solution exists of webscada Stream and a wireless D26 battery data logger. The data logger collects data from the drinking water network and the webscada Stream presents all relevant data and takes care of the alarms and follow-up actions. The battery-operated D26 logger can also work on a solar panel, so monitoring can take place on different places without a main power connection.

The scada project improves the drinking water network in Mombasa, Kenya. The scada project makes the drinking water network in Mombasa transparent and better manageable. Our equipment can also be placed in other District Metered Areas (DMAs). Because of the easy installation the whole DMA can be realized with the same equipment. In this way MOWASCO (Mombasa Water) gains insight in the whole water network step by step, in an inexpensive way. Finally, the water meters are connected to the distribution network at DMA level, so leakage losses can be calculated.



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