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Watercycle reference

The product, TurboTec, offers a solution for the reduction of shipping costs for the transportation of sludge. If the capacity of the digester becomes insufficient, TurboTec can be installed to increase the capacity of the digester. It also offers the possibility to produce class A fertilizer. 

The continuous TurboTec®THP process treats organic material and biomass at a pressure of 4 – 6 bar and a temperature of 140 – 160 °C. This temperature treatment ensures hygienisation of the final biomass cake and pre-thickening of the biomass to 10 – 12% TS. It minimizes the use of costly chemicals.

Biomass hydrolysis sludge results in up to 35% more biogas in the digestion, while in the improved final dewatering more than 30% TS can be achieved. By using TurboTec®THP the capacity of existing digesters can be increased or smaller digester can be installed for new treatment plants.

By placing a TurboTec in front of an excisting digester, the digester becomes more efficient, the amount of slurry will be reduced. It also offers the possibility to produce class A fertilizer.

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