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Advanced Oxidation (AOP)


Advanced Oxidation (AOP)

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Advanced Oxidation (AOP) using Low Pressure UVC lamps and hydrogen peroxide for removal of organic micro pollution, TOC or Cyanide from water or wastewater   

Wastewater from a chemical plant contains high level cyanide. The existing method (BAT) of detoxification with chlorine is regularly exceeding the discharge norm and secondly, it’s disadvantage is the production of AOX. AOP has led to the best alternative to treat the wastewater.

The study outcome was UV/H2O2 Advanced Oxidation technology based on performance, feasibility, safety and costs. By combining UV and H2O2 in a well-designed reaction chamber OH radicals are formed that attack and break organic C bonds and in this case the C-N bonds. A new multi-lamp reactor was designed for the treatment, resulting in higher efficiency and stronger response on higher UVC doses. Applying UV/H2O2 Advanced Oxidation avoids the formation of AOX.  

Total cyanide levels are reduced from over 100 ppm to below 0,9 ppm.

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