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Circular watercycle


Circular watercycle

Watercycle reference

Scarcity of drinking water may become the worldwide problem #1, due to growth of the population, economic growth and climate changes. We need to reduce the use of natural sources and use water in a circular way, following the principles of nature.
MWF (My Water Factory) supplies a system and solutions to make water circular at the level of buildings or building areas.
Our product range is based on the Trias Aqua:
1 Saving of drinking water
2 Use of rainwater
3 Reuse of waste water

Saving of drinking water
In each building up to 70% water savings can be reached by applying our toilets, urinals, showers and taps.

Use of rainwater
With our techniques we turn rainwater into pure drinking water, therewith enabling buildings to become completely selfsufficient.

Reuse of waste water
Waste water contains water, energy and nutrients. With our solutions these can be retained and reused to a maximum.
Up to 100% savings on drinking water, use of rainwater and reuse of waste water. Fully selfsufficient buildings and/or building areas with a circular watercycle.

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