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Cyanobacteria Monitoring Services (CyMonS)


Cyanobacteria Monitoring Services (CyMonS)

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Surface water quality is a global concern for bathing waters, drinking water supply and aquaculture. In particular growth of cyanobacteria, producing toxins, imposes major environmental and health issues and requires massive investments.
Access to real time concentrations of relevant ecological water quality parameters enables appropriate water management and major costs savings.

We supply water quality data using processed satellite images and our field instruments for ground truthing. Both handheld and fixed position field instruments are available for real time simultaneous monitoring of chlorophyll-a (proxy for algae), phycocyanin (proxy for cyanobacteria), Total Suspended Matter, and vertical extinction coefficient (kD).

Near real time water quality data are provided as well as forecasting services, indicating algae bloom potential a few days ahead. 

The unique combination of spatial data from satellites, high frequency data from a fixed position monitor and point data from a hand held device creates large datasets and modelling tools which results in more efficient water management practices.

Our products are used by various clients in the Netherlands, North America and South East Asia. Validation of datasets versus lab data have proved good correlations.
The instruments and services will create a major shift in surface water quality monitoring. Both large surface water bodies and smaller lakes can be serviced.

The services may be globally used for both fresh and salt surface water monitoring. Both instruments and services will create sustainable spin off in water management:

  • Surface water intakes for drinking and process water, as a real time safeguard for algae blooming and/or cyanobacteria scums.
  • Detection of harmful algae blooms (HABs) in aquaculture environments, relevant for protection of fish farms.
  • Monitoring surface water bodies, in order to detect sudden changes in water quality due to sewer spills, agricultural activities.
  • Impact assessing of local surface water rehabilitation projects

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