Dutch Water Technology

Desalination. Renewable Powered.


Desalination. Renewable Powered.

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4 billion people are affected by water shortages, while the planet consists for 70% of water. The key to more water access lies in the sea. Desalination is the obvious solution. However, this industry is energy and fossil intensive, resulting in high water tariffs. The solutions of Elemental Water Makers are good for the wallet and good for the Earth.

Elemental Water Makers is determined to solve fresh water scarcity, using only the sea, sun, earth & wind. Therefore, we provide efficient reverse osmosis solutions driven by solar, wind, waves or the grid to enable affordable & reliable fresh water at your site. Hereby, our clients can have unlimited water from desalination without high energy bills and lower their CO2 footprint. Municipalities, communities, industries, resorts and private developments can:

  • Save up to 70% on their water expenses
  • Experience a reliable and independent water supply
  • Enjoy stress free operations & remote monitoring
  • Showcase sustainability using unlimited resources

Our water supply solutions start from 5 m3/day up to 1200 m3/day for only 1.0 USD/m3.

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