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Fat recovery from wastewater as biofuel – AECO-FAT


Fat recovery from wastewater as biofuel – AECO-FAT

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Dissolved air flotation (DAF) is often applied to treat industrial wastewater containing high oil & grease. Fat, which is part of the dry matter constituent in the sludge, is often neglected, even though it has high potential as an economically valuable resource such as heating fuel, biofuel, cosmetics, and/or cosubstrate for anaerobic digestion.

Fat can be recovered with Nijhuis AECO-FAT, a total sludge management solution including a dissolved air flotation unit, followed by a disconnector and separation into a liquid fat, a water and a solids fraction. With the recovery of fat, the Nijhuis AECO-FAT solution converts flotation sludge into valuable products and saves sludge disposal and chemical
costs. As sludge minimization is a very important concept in wastewater treatment, Nijhuis developed several profitable business cases based on
the incoming and outgoing requirements, operational costs and capital
investment costs.

  • Saving sludge disposal costs
  • Saving chemical costs due to less chemicals requirement for (existing) physical/chemical treatment of WWTP
  • Solids from fat separator can be used as biosolids
  • Highly automated system in smart configuration
  • Saving fuel costs
  • Create value with the produced fat, for example:
    • Biofuel
    • (Heating) fuel
    • Cosmetics
    • Co-substrate for anaerobic digestion
  • Highest possible centrate quality after fat separation, hence low loading into the existing WWTP

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