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FishFlow Innovations Free Flow Turbine


FishFlow Innovations Free Flow Turbine

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FishFlow Innovations is a global leader in innovative fish-friendly services for passage and protection of fish. Our products offer new solutions to help prevent damage or mortality of fish, by focusing on natural fish behaviour.

FishFlow Innovations’ Free Flow Turbine makes it possible to generate clean, renewable hydro power at uniquely high efficiency. The innovative and patented design also makes the turbine fish friendly and silent. The turbine can withstand the incredible forces occurring at open sea. The revolutionary design saves on construction costs which makes it possible to generate electrical energy at a very competitive price per kWh.

The FishFlow Free Flow Turbine offers: 

  • Fish friendly technology
  • Bi-directional (generation of electrical energy during ebb and flow)
  • Low noise production
  • Storm proof
  • Low price per kWh
  • Easy placement (inshore and offshore)
  • Easy maintenance (few moving parts)

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