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Maximizing the value of digestate - AECO-NAR


Maximizing the value of digestate - AECO-NAR

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Several technologies claim effective removal of ammonia from digestate. However, all of these technologies consume a lot of energy and only oxidize the ammonia, without creating a valuable product. By removing ammonia, the treated water can be used for:

  • Diluting the substrate to enable more co substrates.
  • Lowering the ammonium concentration of the substrate
  • Improving COD/N ratio of the centrate water

The Nijhuis AECO-NAR is an innovative and stable process which is anticipating today’s challenges in the market and producing ammonium sulphate, to maximize the value of digestate. The market potential for this biobased fertilizer varies per geographical location, but proves to be commercially very attractive. Results are:

  • Lower substrate costs.
  • Heighten the TSS/COD load in the digester.
  • Enhance biogas income (reduction of N toxicity).
  • Save on additional biological treatment cost.
  • Lowering discharge cost.
  • Produce a valuable product, a biobased fertilizer (up to 120 euro / ton varies per geographical location).

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