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Mobile E.coli bacteria monitoring


Mobile E.coli bacteria monitoring

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In order to find a possible fecal sources of high concentrations of bacteria, the municipality
of Hjørring (DK) wanted to set up a BACTcontrol unit near a beach to monitor the E.coli levels. It was placed in a mobile van running on solar power.

The results of the online monitor showed that, the BACTcontrol detected peaks of the E.coli bacteria near the beach and thereby gave the municipality useful knowledge about the time period of faecal pollution. The BACTcontrol is now used to Monitor upstream of the small river in order to locate the primary faecal source. 

In case of an alarm, samples will be taken and by means of qPCR and end-point PCR techniques source tracking will be performed. Using this techniques will prevent people of getting sick when swimming in the sea. 


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