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Nereda Wastewater Treatment Technology in Cork, Ireland


Nereda Wastewater Treatment Technology in Cork, Ireland

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The Cork Lower Harbour Main Drainage Project aims to provide enhanced wastewater treatment through the development of a new wastewater treatment plant at Shanbally County Cork. The Project is important in terms of protecting the environment, facilitating economic development and providing for a growing population.  

Nereda is an innovative biological wastewater treatment technology, based on the unique characteristics of a special type of biomass or ‘activated sludge’. Nereda purifies water using the unique features of ‘aerobic granular biomass'. Contrary to conventional processes, the purifying bacteria concentrate naturally in compact granules, with superb settling properties. Furthermore a large variety of biological processes take place simultaneously in such granules. Nereda provides excellent water quality through compact and easy to operate installations, at low energy consumption. Nereda is cost-effective and is applied in new and upgrades of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

Compared to activated sludge technologies, the biological treatment power of Nereda is much larger while saving 50% on energy-costs, delivering high quality effluent for low costs and requiring only a quarter of the area of conventional activated sludge installations.

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