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Operational excellence with real-time dosing - i-DOSE


Operational excellence with real-time dosing - i-DOSE

Watercycle reference

To effectively remove solids and COD from wastewater with flocculation-flotation systems, chemical dosing is required.  However, the chemical dosage is not designed to handle the actual fluctuations of COD in the wastewater. In practice the COD load in the  balance tank increases during production hours and decreases during cleaning.

By using an intelligent chemical dosing control, costs for coagulation, flocculation and neutralization (FeCl3, polymer and NaOH) can be substantially reduced. Nijhuis has designed the “i-DOSE” system to comply with this real-time dosing process, significantly reducing wastewater chemical consumption costs and reduced operators presence. 

  • Avoid overdosing of chemicals
  • Reduce chemical consumption costs up to 30% 
  • Better performance of flotation system 
  • Stable effluent concentrations
  • Real-time control of the production process 
  • Robust measurement system
  • Reduced balance tank footprint
  • Reduced chemical sludge production 
  • Reduced additional operators presence due to automation 
  • Gaining insight in trends of operation 

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