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Reuse of textile water and energy recovery - PurePulse


Reuse of textile water and energy recovery - PurePulse

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PursePulse is a compact and energy-efficient membrane filtration technology that can help the textile care business to save water and energy. The PurePulse system is engineered for small-large scale commercial laundries.

PurePulse system uses ceramic membranes that purify hot laundry waste water. These membranes are known for their high temperature resistance and therefore ideal for this application. By treating the water, warm and clean water can be reused in the laundry process, resulting in a lower water consumption and lower energy costs (the water maintains a relatively high temperature). The chemicals (detergents) that are in the wastewater can be reused as well, resulting in a lower usage of chemicals within the textile industry. 

  • High water recovery rate and safe recycled water quality
  • Water and energy cost savings benefits
  • Continuous filtration providing high-energy recovery opportunity
  • Compact filtration skid and easy-to-install by tapping into existing pipe connections and infrastructure

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