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SALutions: securing access to fresh water


SALutions: securing access to fresh water

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Coastal areas are the most densely populated, productive and economically dominant regions of the world, yet their future development is under pressure due to high water demand and seasonal shortages of freshwater resources. 

Preservation of freshwater surpluses has large potential, and the solution is under ground. Subsurface water storage can effectively bridge water demand and supply as regards space and time, guaranteeing freshwater supply to industry, agriculture and public.

Subsurface Water Solutions (SWS) enable advanced freshwater management through protecting, enlarging and sustainably utilizing fresh groundwater resources in coastal areas by fully exploiting the potential of water reuse, well technology and ICT. Examples:

  • Storage of freshwater surpluses in saline groundwater and its subsequent unmixed recovery (the ASR-Coastal concept)
  • Prevention of water-well salinisation through the simultaneous abstraction of fresh and saline groundwater layers (the Freshkeeper® concept)
  • Creation of a freshwater lens with horizontal wells to meet freshwater demand during summers (the Freshmaker® concept)
  • The infiltration of urban stormwater and its subsequent recovery for urban water supply (the Urban Waterbuffer concept)

A local cost-efficient, self-sufficient and sustainable water supply using the natural subsurface, with a very limited spatial footprint.

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