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Sustainable decentralized filtration & purification solutions


Sustainable decentralized filtration & purification solutions

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Currently the general conception of safe and tasty drinking water is bottled water. Besides its inherent ecological and economical unsustainability, respectively the deceptive notion of accessibility and affordability in low income communities the chemical contamination generated from plastics bears long term health risks. Aquablu provides solutions for all possible applications from domestic to public.

Our product line is based on three standardized models which can be “charged” with three different membrane technologies. According to the raw water quality the most sustainable type is chosen in regard of best drinking water quality, minimum of rejected water, lowest power consumption and most cost efficient maintenance intervals. Embedded probes and sensors are continuously monitoring the produced water quality and quantity as well as 43 different parameters, monitoring the technical state of the system. A main controller stores and communicates these data via RFID contact with a NFC enabled smartphone or GSM connection to the Aquablu website. This enables the system owner and accredited technicians to monitor remotely in real time. Considering the purifier as heart piece of a complete solution, customized accessories such as pumps, pre- and post-filtration allow for a wide array of drinking water applications.  

Safe and reliable drinking water supply while conveniently gaining economical and ecological advantage.

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