Dutch Water Technology

Tidal, river and ocean energy power turbines


Tidal, river and ocean energy power turbines

Watercycle reference

A flow of calculable, noiseless & renewable energy

Tocardo free flow turbines in combination with the microgrid technology, can enable any remote community worldwide to become more energy self-sufficient in a cost effective renewable sources. 

Tocardo International BV is one of the world’s leading producers of river and tidal power turbines and modular foundation structures, dedicated to delivering the best and most economical technology to harvest energy from rivers and oceans. We are one of the first companies in the world to sell commercially viable water turbine systems of this type. The patented, thoroughly tested technology is scalable. Governments are positive towards the development of local (microgrid) energy systems and are therefore extreme supportive. To support any wish for more sustainability of environment and local economy, Tocardo offers her products as turn-key project solution with high percentage of ‘local’ content and competitive rates of return on required investments.

Tocardo builds on the Netherlands’ proud reputation for water management, with a proven track record of 12 successful years developing renewable hydro-power devices. Currently Tocardo has ten turbines operational at four different demonstration sites ranging from 103 kW (single turbine) to 1.2 MW (5 turbines) installed capacity in the Netherlands and UK.

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