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Turn-key (waste)water treatment solutions


Turn-key (waste)water treatment solutions

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In many places in the world the wastewater treatment systems are overloaded. Whether the systems are outdated or a peak load during a heavy rainfall can not be processed. This means the effluent requirements are not achieved and this can lead to health and environmental risks, for humans and animals. 

Engeldot Water offers solutions without the need of a big investment. We can offer turn-key solutions for optimization of wastewater treatment plants, to reach the effluent requirements.  
The complete water polishing step for post treatment of the wastewater can be provided by Engeldot Water.  In addition we can offer by-pass systems to process peak load during a heavy rainfall.

Our engineering team listens to your wishes and requirements to design the best solution for your problem. Engeldot Water provides also education for the operators about usage and maintenance of the installation. 

All of the Engeldot Water machines are custom made installations specific to custom requirements. One of the results of our solutions is that without high investments wastewater treatments can be operational and get the required effluent quality.  

This improves the environment and lower the health risks for both human and animal. 

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