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Reverse osmosis as a sustainable and long-lasting solution for providing safe drinking water to underserved communities

In developing countries drinking water projects have a high failure rate, due to poor maintenance. As a result, the available water is of poor quality and not safe to drink. Local people have learnt to distrust such water sources and feel forced to rely on expensive water treatment systems or bottled water.

The WATERguard® ROM4 is a reverse osmosis purification system available in capacities of 1,000 and
1,600 litres per hour for application on a small scale. This is enough to provide 5,000 to 20,000 people in decentralized communities with fully safe drinking water. The system produces safe drinking water from brackish groundwater with a TDS level up to 2,000 mg/l. 

This standardized purification system is robust and user-friendly. And with a high recovery of 70% and a low nominal power of 1.5 kW, also highly efficient. The systems are straightforward to maintain, with a function to be remotely monitored, what makes them perfect for application in developing countries.

Simplicity and low maintenance requirements allow the system to be operated by low-skilled staff, which is the key to ensuring the long life and sustainability of the project. Together with the system’s robustness and affordability, our solution provides a fully reliable and long-lasting alternative for safe water production, permanently improving life quality of people in underserved areas.

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