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Disinfection is the most essential of water treatment steps. It is the removal, destruction or inactivation of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses and protozoa that present threats to health. It is the core activity of drinking water treatment, but the need for disinfection goes much wider. As far as human consumption of water is concerned, disinfection is needed in the food and beverage industry. It is needed as part of the high purity water requirements of pharmaceutical production. The levels of microorganisms need to be controlled in swimming pools. And it is not just humans that need protection – disinfection is also important for the aquaculture industry, for example. Futhermore, disinfection supports the growing trend of looking to alternative sources to meet water needs.

Our niche

Dutch technology companies are active across the range of applications where disinfection is required, not least the strong expertise of companies providing UV-based systems.

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