Dutch Water Technology

Water reuse


Water reuse is increasingly seen as a way to help reduce the need to remove water from the environment or use precious drinking water supplies for uses that do not require such a high quality. It is worldwide trend, and the Netherlands is one of the world leaders in this area.

Our niche

An important aspect of the Dutch experience is the ability to identify reuse opportunities. Individual water users may be able to recycle water and reuse it themselves, such as industries or households. Broader thinking can lead to ways to link different water users, with one providing water to be reused by another. Dutch experience in this respect includes, for example, using the outflow from a municipal wastewater plant as a water source for a chemical industry user. Reuse for irrigation is another important opportunity.

Technology forms the other important aspect of Dutch experience, with many companies offering the disinfection and treatment systems, chemicals, and distribution equipment needed to ensure the water quality of the recycled water meets the end user requirements. The combination of reuse and the matching of source and use with an appropriate level of treatment allows cost-effective solutions to be found.

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