Dutch Water Technology

Enhancement of irrigation processes


The link between irrigation and water resources is a crucial one. The need for irrigation is at its greatest in the locations with the least available water and at the times when least water is likely be available. Unlike many uses, irrigation is consumptive – the water used by plants is released to the atmosphere by transpiration and not returned directly to the original sources. In addition, the potential for inefficient use of water in irrigation is high. Inefficient irrigation occurs if too much water is supplied, or if the water is not accurately directed to the root zone.

Our niche

Dutch companies offer solutions for achieving advanced irrigation. This is based on experience in the Netherlands with agriculture, horticulture and widespread use of greenhouses. For example, the combination of the use of satellite data for rainfall prediction and advanced soil moisture sensing allow the delivery of irrigation water to be timed accurately and the quantities delivered matched to the needs of the crop. This Dutch experience includes widescale use of stormwater harvesting to provide a water source for greenhouses, contributing to the wider sustainable use of water resources.

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