Dutch Water Technology

Modification of industrial processes to reduce water dependency


Industries of all kinds use water. This spans the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, power, automotive, mining, petrochemical, and pulp and paper industries, in particular. Some of the companies include water in their finished products, especially beverage companies. But right across the spectrum of industries, water is needed during production, for cleaning, for cooling, for steam generation, and to allow processing of product constituents, for example. Together these form the water footprint of industrial companies. Globally this represents one of the key water challenges, as the economies of countries around the world continue to develop.

Our niche

Dutch companies are among the leaders working to change their production, operation, and business processes to reduce their dependency on water. This experience includes changes of approach, such as switching to use of alternative water sources, which can reduce the demands placed on fresh water resources. It also includes technologies that deliver water efficient processes.

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